The Trick To Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Ogden Home

Bed bug

Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius L.) are tiny insects that primarily feed on human blood that has reemerged in the U.S. during recent decades. What size are bed bugs? Adult bed bugs typically measure roughly ¼ of an inch, and young bed bugs (nymphs) are even smaller.

Are you seeking to oust a bed bug infestation? The best means of responding to potential bed bug problems involves consulting with an Ogden pest control company that will perform a thorough inspection and understands how to eradicate bed bugs.

Clear Signs Of Bed Bugs In Your Home

Bite victims often notice small red spots on the skin that are itchy and irritated. You might also notice small red blood stains or smears of dark excrement on bedding materials.

Can you see bed bug eggs? The small, whitish eggs are often difficult to see with the naked eye. Do bed bugs have a smell? As infestations progress, a musty odor commonly emerges.

A Bed Bug Infestation Only Gets Worse With Time

As with the majority of pest-related problems, bed bug infestations generally worsen over time.

Some of the most common reasons for this include:

  • Females often generate eggs in large numbers, which means that the bed bug population will likely expand quickly.
  • Bed bugs have traditionally demonstrated tremendous resiliency to various chemical formulas.
  • In some cases, those who encounter the presence of live bed bugs misidentify them as a type of beetle or other pests.
  • After feeding, bed bugs promptly retreat into hidden areas within or near bedrooms, such as behind furnishings or inside crevices.

Too many homeowners try combating bed bug invasions themselves using store-bought products touted as “quick and easy” solutions to these intrusions. Sprays, traps, and other mass-marketed products commonly generate only short-term results and prolong frustration.

Why Bed Bugs Are So Hard To Prevent

A misconception exists that bed bug infestations will most likely occur in homes where the residents fail to regularly clean and maintain their presence. This assumption is only a fallacy, as bed bugs have no such preferences. Bed bugs simply must find an environment that allows them access to humans, preferably where the occupants sleep, so they can access a blood meal.

Bed bugs in Ogden rarely choose the properties that they enter. Property owners often introduce bed bugs into their homes unknowingly within clothing, bags, suitcases, and other belongings. Some of the most likely locations where someone might encounter bed bugs include hotels, dormitories, or mass transit facilities, which often occur when traveling.

Bed bugs generally remain hidden during the day and emerge only after dark. This is one of the reasons why the presence of bed bugs may remain undetected for several weeks or months.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Home

At Mountain West Pest Control, our experts adhere to a simple yet effective process when approaching problems involving bed bugs. We begin by performing a detailed assessment of the property, which is a critical first step needed for gauging the nature and true extent of any intrusion. We look in hard-to-reach places within walls or below furniture and appliances where many of these types of pests hide.

For treating bed bug infestations, our staff has multiple options at their disposal. As an organization that remains committed to developing, we offer many of the latest treatment options in the pest control industry. We also conduct a diligent follow-up after completing these treatments that ensure customer satisfaction.

In addition to bed bugs, our experts have training in effectively expelling cockroaches, termites, rodents, and many other very undesirable and potentially dangerous creatures that create problems for local homeowners. We look forward to speaking with you.

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