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No matter what time of year it is, there are always bugs and other pests looking to get inside of your home — but the last thing you want to see is an unwelcome guest scurrying around.

When it comes to pest control in Utah, your best bet is to call the team at Mountain West Pest Control. We take pride in protecting your homes with our extensive indoor and outdoor treatment services without you having to leave — not to mention that we guarantee free re-services if the pests don’t completely disappear.

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We know that the first step to avoiding bugs and other pests in your home is to stop them from coming inside, to begin with. That’s why we treat both inside and outside.

Outside, we treat eaves, overhangs, front yards, backyards, and kids’ areas like swing sets or play areas.

If the pests have already moved inside, then we will handle the basement, garage, and foundations — and move onto the living spaces if necessary with our kid and pet-safe products.

Best Selling Pest Control Services

Did you know that untreated house pests in the United States cause over $5,000,000,000 in damage every year?

When it comes to pest control, there’s no question that you will want to contact professionals right away. Luckily, you’re not too far from Mountain West Pest Control — one of the leading Utah pest control companies, headquartered in Ogden. With our expertise in preventative pest control in Utah’s unique environment, we know where to look for infestations and how to deal with them.

Just hear what Brooklyn G. had to say about our services:

“I moved into a newly constructed townhome and had spiders, ants, and earwigs all over the place. I tried a few different things, and home remedies, but nothing worked, [so] I called Michael at Mountain West Pest Control. Almost immediately, there were no bugs where I had been infested before! I’m definitely looking forward to getting more services.”

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You can feel confident when using Mountain West Pest Control. Not only are all our products kid and pet safe, all of our quarterly services come with a full WARRANTY/GUARANTEE. If you have any issues in between your regular services give us a call and we’ll come back and retreat for FREE.


About Our Services

We have some of the best pest control in Utah, and we pride ourselves on using pet and kid-safe products — meaning nobody has to leave home during the treatment.
We offer a few different types of services and may revisit depending on what you prefer.
First, we start with our initial service, which is designed to “flush out” the bugs from your home.
With our back-to-back service, we will come back 30 days after your initial service. During this treatment, we will treat the exterior of your home to ensure total coverage.
We also offer a regular service which is performed just once a quarter — every three months — to avoid any infestations from blossoming. This is one of our most popular services. The seasons change every three months, and so do the bugs!
And the best thank-you that we can offer is our free re-services. If you are not satisfied and see bugs between our visits, we will come back for free and continue to take care of the problem.


It’s never fun to find a couple of ants moving around your kitchen — or have your kids discover a wasp’s nest by their swingset.

Luckily, the Utah pest control pros at Mountain West Pest know how to get rid of ants (among other things), and will spray for wasp nests within 30 feet of your home.

What about when you’re outside on the patio, only to be bombarded by mosquitos and gnats?

Don’t worry, we’ve got those too. Our top-notch mosquito control and repellent can drive them away from your yard right away, which means you can enjoy that first summer barbeque in peace.

We know life stops for no one, so the best part about our home protection plan is that you don’t have to leave your home when we come out to treat the problem. Our products are safe to use around people and pets, so let us take care of the pests in and around your home without having to lift a finger.


Whether you’re a property owner, business owner, or operate an office building, bugs can pose a significant problem to spaces like these. A single rodent sighting is a cause for concern, and if you don’t act quickly, it can chew through wires and cause a safety hazard — or worse!

We offer services for the following types of commercial purposes:

Food retail and restaurants
We also offer complete indoor and outdoor treatment to help keep your tenants, customers, and employees safe from vermin and pests disrupting their everyday lives.

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Pests are nearly unavoidable, but you definitely don’t have to share your home with them.

Don’t wait for your pest problem to get out of control before you call us. The top-notch Utah exterminators at Mountain West Pest Control can help you put your home back in order by treating inside and outside with meticulous precision and family-safe products.

And we promise that if you see even one bug after we’ve treated, we will come back for a free re-service. That’s how confident we are about taking care of your home.

Call some of the best professional Utah exterminators at 1-801-415-9908 or set up an appointment today, and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible!

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