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The Mountain West Pest Control Difference

Our story is connected to you and your family’s enjoyment of your home. As a family-owned business operating in Ogden, UT, we at Mountain West Pest Control are dedicated to giving you the best indoor and outdoor experience.


Keeping your property free of troublesome and dangerous pests and rodents is what we do. But improving your quality of life, keeping your kids safe from creepy crawlies, and securing the safety of your indoor and outdoor spaces is why we’re so dedicated to doing it.

Our Values

The MW Pest Control promise of customer satisfaction comes from our guiding values. Like a North Star, these values influence every interaction we have, every relationship we build, and any job we commit to. What are they?


  • Expertise with empathy
  • Transparent, honest communication with a detail-oriented process
  • Commitment and care for every property, delivered the Mountain West way
  • A dedication to safety and aesthetics alike

Our Mission

Servicing homes along the Wasatch Front, we’ve supported a community of families to better appreciate and enjoy their home.


We’ve built connections through exceptional,personable , and highly personalized customer experience. Plus, our cutting-edge technology and extermination techniques have made us leaders in the Ogden area for pest control and property beautification.


Together with you, our mission is to enhance the quality and safety of your everyday life.


Ready to join the MW Pest Control family?

Our Vision

In Ogden UT, pest control should be about so much more than just addressing a problem.


Sure, we call on our technicians’ skills and knowledge on every job, but our vision for your property is so much greater than simple service delivery.


We’re focused on amplifying the value of your home or building. The goal is to make sure it’s enjoyable and safe, running according to codes of cleanliness, and protected from destructive and even dangerous pests or rodents.


Our aim is to educate you, our clients and customers, on the best prevention strategies for your home and commercial properties. Nature is something to be enjoyed and experienced — but sometimes you need to eradicate the pests to focus on the pleasures.

Our Process

Every visit from Mountain West Pest Control begins with an evaluation of both the inside and outside of your home. We want to make sure your home is as pest-free as possible!

Experience The Benefits of Our Full Home Protection Plan

Call us out on a Saturday and you’ll witness the Mountain West dedication to delivering superior pest control in Ogden, UT. We’ll venture where no other company will, because our technicians are truly passionate about protecting your property.


From our initial contact, we’ll take the time to listen to your observations and concerns. The Mountain West team will inspect your property and determine any problem areas.


Expect our first visit to focus extensively on your exterior. This is our “first flush out” service and it’s pretty simple: If you can control and eliminate pests on the outside, then you greatly reduce the chances they’ll breach your barriers to the inside.


Before that first flush out is even over, we’ll schedule you in for a prompt 30-day, back-to-back service treatment. During this visit, we’ll break the egg cycle and stop future pest populations from developing on your property.


After this, you’ll see us once a season. About every 3 months, our team of dedicated technicians will come around for light maintenance and seasonal bugs.  


It’s that simple.


Our Home Protection Plan has been expertly streamlined and designed to whittle down those intrusive, time-consuming visits to the essentials that matter. Your experience with Mountain West Pest Control allows you to:


  • Ensure the safety of your family and pets, thanks to our safe, non-toxic products
  • Maintain your family’s comfort, since you can remain in-home during our visits
  • Run your schedule according to your own needs, since our services are non-disruptive
  • Take advantage of our expertise, learning what you can do to prevent and resist future pest and rodent populations
  • Expect personalized, friendly, and communicative applications that are tailored for the issues of your particular property


And remember: Re-services are always free so you know we’ve got your back any time through the year.

The Mountain West Pest Control Guarantee

Our clients and customers already love that they can rely on our free re-services through the year. But the Mountain West Pest Guarantee takes our services and commitment to you one step further.


The Mountain West Pest Control Guarantee is designed to give our customers and clients the peace of mind they need.


But from our side, it’s a way to signify just how important your investment truly is. Too many companies simply see their clients and customers as a detail, functional, but not personal.


To us, it’s always personal. Your family’s safety and enjoyment is our number one priority, and we know how important it is to know that you’ve made the right decision. We let our actions and work speak for our reputation — while we focus on building a relationship with your family.


And every meaningful relationship is built on trust. That’s why our guarantee is all about cementing that trust. It forms the backbone of our “why”:


If we can’t fix your pest problem adequately, and you’re dissatisfied, we’ll completely refund your last payment.

We’re Committed To Your Comfort

Experience, empathy, and excellent attention to detail: That’s what we’re known for.


Our clients and customers rave about our services because we’re so much more than just a pest control service. When it comes to your home and family’s comfort and safety, we’re your partners.


From that first phone call, to the initial consult, the multiple re-services, and the follow-up applications, the Mountain West Pest Control difference is alive and well in every moment of our interaction with you.


Allow our family of technicians and pest control experts beautify the exterior of your home while protecting its value for years to come.

Contact us today and put our team of Ogden, UT pest control professionals to work for your initial consult!