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Syracuse is a small but growing city that is well-situated for people who seek outdoor adventure. Farmington Bay is within reach, as is Thurston Peak, and there are also good public schools, cozy cafes, and museums to keep residents and visitors entertained. Syracuse is also a mere half-hour outside of Salt Lake City, so big city amenities are never too far away. But with all of this access to nature and seasonal climate shifts, pest problems can develop at a moment's notice in Syracuse.

At Mountain West Pest, we provide homeowners and businesses with guaranteed Tooele County pest control to mitigate the harms that so many pests cause. Our company was founded in 2017 but comes with decades of industry experience and care for our community. Each of our service offerings is detailed and uses products and methods that are safe for people, pets, and the environment. For more information on our pest control offerings, please call us today.

Residential Pest Control In Syracuse

The thought of pests scurrying around your Syracuse home is an unwanted one but it’s also a reality. As a locally-owned business, at Mountain West Pest, it’s our mission to improve your quality of life through reliable pest control, exceptional customer support, and an unmatched pest-free guarantee. 

Our residential process begins with a free, no-obligation quote so that there are no surprises. From there, we inspect both the inside and outside of your home to locate active pests, entry points, and potential problems. We’ll then perform our initial service, which is designed to lure out active pests, and 30 days later we'll return to confirm that there are no present issues. When you enroll in our quarterly pest control program, we’re able to keep pests from being an issue no matter what the season brings, but if any pests appear between these visits, we’ll provide re-services at no additional cost. 

To learn more about protecting your home with residential pest control, please call us today. 

Commercial Pest Control In Syracuse

It takes a lot to operate your Syracuse business and at Mountain West Pest, it’s our job to make that process a little bit easier. We provide detailed pest control solutions for a wide array of the area’s businesses. As a locally-owned company, we take our community’s needs seriously, which is why safety and the personal touch are always paramount to us. 

We begin the treatment process with an inspection of your entire property, which allows our technicians to gain a total understanding of the level of pest activity. We’ll discuss our findings with you and go over our customized treatment plan. The majority of our services take place outside of your building, but we’ll spot treat the inside where necessary. And with a regular maintenance schedule, we can provide uninterrupted service. To further restore your peace of mind, all of our services are warrantied for your benefit. 

For more information on how commercial pest control can protect your business, contact us today. 

Bed Bugs In Syracuse: Finding And Eliminating Them

A bed bug infestation usually begins in Syracuse properties once these pests have affixed themselves to personal belongings or by traveling between shared walls. You're likely to find them in places like office buildings, stores, and anywhere else people congregate. It is, however, much trickier to identify a bed bug infestation. They primarily live inside of couches, pet beds, and mattresses, coming out only at night when it’s time to feed off of people for their blood. 

There are, however, a few key signs that will help identify a bed bug invasion. Those include getting tiny bites at night; noticing eggshells, nymphs, or adults; and spotting blood stains and brownish-colored smears on bed sheets and blankets. Female bed bugs lay approximately 250 eggs in their lifetime, so a population can quickly grow out of control. The most effective way to eliminate a bed bug infestation is with professional help from Mountain West Pest because we use dusts and liquid treatments that we stand by. 

For more information on bed bug removal, contact us today.

Ant Prevention Tips Syracuse Residents Should Know

Syracuse residents might encounter ants in their homes for a few simple reasons that they were not aware of; however, with a few helpful tips, ants don’t need to be an issue. To deter these pests, try the following hints:

  • Start by addressing any leaks outside of the home in areas like gutters and spigots. Next, look for moisture issues inside, which may appear in the kitchen or bathroom, and fix any troublesome faucets and other fixtures. 
  • Next, make sure that there are no cracks in the foundation. If there are, fill them with silicone-based caulk. It’s also key to make sure that there are no gaps around doors, but filling any with weatherstripping should create a tight seal. 
  • Practice diligence around food items, whether that means storing leftovers in secure containers or taking the garbage out before it accumulates. 
  • Seek professional help from a trusted pest control company. 

For more information on reliable ant prevention, contact Mountain West Pest today.