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Rodent Control In Ogden, UT

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Quality Rodent Control In Ogden, UT

There are dozens of different pests in the Ogden area, and perhaps none are as troublesome as rodents. But, whether it's a mouse, squirrel, or other species, you can expect problems like property damage, disease transmission, and other complications if not addressed quickly enough.

Also, making things more complicated for homeowners in our area, different species act differently, making it impossible to effectively perform DIY rodent control and exclusion on your Ogden home. So, it's always a good idea to stick to professional rodent control and exclusion services for the best results possible.

Rodent Control From Mountain West Pest Control

Rodent control requires a focused effort that addresses today's problems while laying the groundwork to prevent future infestations. That's why we provide a complete rodent control service so you can gain the peace of mind you deserve.

Before getting to work, we'll perform a thorough inspection of your home. We'll identify active rodents during the inspection and locate any entry points or sources of damage. By doing this, we're able to gain the necessary understanding to eliminate rodents from the premises effectively.

Upon discovering any entry points, we'll seal them with a combination of wire fencing, carpenter's cloth, steel wool, and other similar materials depending on the entry point.

If we find an active infestation, we'll treat the infestation with monitoring devices, sticky traps, snap traps, and bait until they're eliminated.

The best form of rodent control for your home is to prevent them from invading in the first place. That's why we also provide rodent exclusion services, which come with a one-year warranty for results you can depend on every time.

Make your Ogden property rodent-free when you team up with Mountain West Pest Control! Contact us today to get a free quote!