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Reliable Pest Control In Riverdale, UT

Tucked neatly between Great Salt Lake and Mt. Ogden, the city of Riverdale is where adventure seekers live year-round or visit on a seasonal basis. Riverdale is also home to stunning parks, small and big businesses alike, and quaint residential neighborhoods that give growing families and individuals the benefit of city living with a small-town feel. The local climate in Riverdale changes from season to season, with a moderate fall and spring, a warm and dry summer, and a snow-filled winter, making outdoor activity always a possibility. These same conditions are also responsible for many of the area’s pest problems, which can happen at any time.

At Mountain West Pest, it’s our mission to provide Weber County pest control that can withstand the yearly conditions. We’re able to accomplish this goal with attention to detail, expertise, non-toxic products, and compassion. For more information on how professional pest control can benefit your home or place of business, contact us today.

Residential Pest Control In Riverdale

Your Riverdale home deserves the very best when it comes to residential pest control, which is why at Mountain West Pest, we are fully dedicated to creating a pest-free living environment for our customers, by performing thorough inspections and using non-toxic products. Our residential pest control program provides quarterly services in order to address current pest populations while also preventing new ones from developing. When you partner with us for your residential pest control needs, we promise to always treat you like family and do whatever it takes to ensure your safety. For more information on how these services can protect your home, contact us today. 

Commercial Pest Control In Riverdale

At Mountain West Pest, we are dedicated to protecting the businesses of Riverdale by bringing them the highest quality commercial pest control around. We start the process with a detailed inspection of your entire property, both inside and out. From there, we’ll treat your business for all present pests but also focus on preventing future issues. We use exclusively non-toxic products and aim to be as discreet as possible so that business can continue as usual. With routine maintenance that’s set to your specific schedule, we’ll be able to keep your property pest-free from season to season. When you partner with us for your commercial pest control needs, we will always work until your problems are solved and tend to your needs, whatever they may be. If your business can benefit from ongoing pest control, contact us today.

How Dangerous Are The Termites In Riverdale?

Each year, termites damage around 600,000 homes across the country, and the homes in Riverdale are no different. Their destruction totals approximately five billion dollars and that’s just the beginning. Termites have an insatiable appetite for wood, so depending on the species, that will determine the type of wood that they are attracted to on your property. For example, subterranean termites tend to attack homes at their foundation, while dampwood termites are attracted to wood that has been left vulnerable due to water damage and fungus. The result of these issues are things like hollow walls, swollen ceilings, doors that don’t close, and even foundations that collapse. In addition to these dangers, termites can also irritate allergies and asthma because of the wood particles that get spread throughout the air. In order to keep these risks out of your home, you need professional termite control from Mountain West Pest. Our methods are thorough, non-toxic, and focused on long-lasting results. For more information on how termite control can protect your home, contact us today. 

What Smells Do Riverdale Mosquitoes Hate?

Residents of Riverdale can expect to encounter mosquitoes between the months of March and October. During this time, the female mosquito in particular is buzzing around looking for the blood that she requires in order to lay her eggs. Factors like scented shampoo, laundry detergent, perfumes, and soaps can be enough to attract mosquitoes from a distance. There are, however, smells that mosquitoes don’t like and that may keep them away. To start, mosquitoes can’t stand the scent of DEET products, which are EPA-approved. Additionally, they are repelled by lavender, citronella, rosemary, thyme, garlic, clove, cinnamon, lemongrass, cedar, peppermint, and catnip.

When mosquitoes congregate on your Riverdale property, they can pose a big threat to your comfort and your health. In order to keep them out of your yard, you need professional mosquito control from West Mountain Pest. Our methods are seasonally applied and customized to your needs. As always, we use exclusively non-toxic products and we will always treat you like family in our search for pest-free results. For more information on mosquito control that you can trust, contact us today.