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The next time you’re trying to figure out how to get rid of wasps, consider this: Not only are the pesky, these pests are smarter than we realize.

They’re exceptional problem solvers, following behavioral patterns that allow them to somewhat reason and find a solution.

As social pests, this means they can assess the situation and use deduction to alter their actions. They’re resourceful, efficient, and they’re likely making their homes in your property this summer, especially if you’re not using the best wasp control service.

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Why Wasps Are Attracted to Your Property

Like a homeowner on the hunt, wasps are consistently looking for favorable features that will help them build their home. They’re attracted to homes and properties that will allow them to survive and thrive.

But they’re not just looking for a place to make their nests — wasps want shelter all year long.

Your Home Gives Them Access to Your Indoors

The first thing a wasp will look for is easy access to the interior of your home. They’ll look for cracks in a wall, torn nets, unsealed vents, or any points of entry that will allow them to get in and start building their homes. There, they can remain protected and warm in your walls during the winter, until they’re ready to re-emerge in the summer.

They Have a Reliable Source of Food

Based on the time of year, wasps are attracted to different foods. This is because their development cycle demands certain nutritional needs

In late spring and early summer, they’ll be attracted to protein-based foods like picnic scraps, open garbage, and pet foods. They also map out food source areas and will continue to visit the area long after food has been moved.

In late summer and early fall, they turn aggressive and are on the prowl for sugary and starchy foods. This includes fallen fruits like apples rotting on your lawn.

You Keep Your Trash Close Outdoors on Your Property

It’s a bad idea to keep compost or food trash in your home because you risk other pest infestations like cockroaches or food moths. But if you keep compost and garbage outside, even if it’s covered, you’re basically sounding a horn for wasps. Keeping your garbage outside on your property is sure to attract these pests.

Instead, consider using a closed lid garbage container and keeping it secure in a garage or an outdoor shed.

Your Home Has Plenty of Eaves and Overhangs for Nests

This is not really something you can avoid. If the design of your home has a generous overhang or eaves then you could be at risk for wasps. Like spiders, wasps will look for these corners to begin building their nest. It provides shelter from the elements and acts as a great structural support.

There’s an Ample Supply of Weathered Wood Available

If there’s any part of your home outdoors that crafted from wood, it’s likely to be a prime attraction for paper wasps. These pests use the fiber from weathered wood to create a paper pulp. This is then used to shape and create their nests.

Mountain West Pest Control Is Your Best Choice For Eliminating Wasps

Wasps are not always hiding in plain sight. They can seek out toolsheds, build their nests underneath porches or even force their way into your home’s walls. That’s why you need wasp control services that aim to inspect and then eliminate a wasp infestation at the source.

At Mountain West Pest Control, we help you get rid of wasps in a safe and efficient manner. You can expect minimal disruption to your life and take advantage of our famous MW Pest guarantee on all our wasp infestation work.

Contact our team providing the best wasp control service today and find out how you can get us working for the safety and security of your home today.