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Lawn Care In Ogden, UT

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Unmatched Lawn Care Service In Ogden, UT

If you’ve come to us, you likely have a portion of your lawn that you aren’t happy with. Maybe you have unsightly damage, weeds taking over, or a mixture of both. No matter the problem, we have the expertise you need to diagnose the situation and create a plan to bring your lawn back to where you want it.

At Mountain West Pest Control, what sets us apart from the rest is our expertise in what environmental conditions you as the homeowner can change to speed up the process of lawn recovery for your Ogden property. When our turf pros are at your home and anytime in-between, we are ready to answer any question you have and counsel you on the next steps.

The Lawn Care Services We Offer In Ogden, UT

We understand that your lawn is unique and comes with its challenges. Because of this, we will see in pest lawn to create a treatment plan that best suits you. Whether you want to grow your lawn from scratch, kill a stubborn weed, regrow areas that have died, or just maintain your already beautiful lawn, we have the solution for you!

Our specially trained turf pros will carefully treat your lawn according to your customized lawn care plan. Treatments consist of that fertilized and wee control that your lawn needs, along with any other additional services included in your plan.

If your lawn needs to recover from precious weed infestations or damage, that recovery will take time. If your lawn is already in great shape, our follow-up treatment will keep your lawn green and healthy while preventing grubs, weeds, and drought from causing any unwanted damage.

Our Premium Lawn Program For Ogden Residents

We apply treatments every 4 to 6 weeks spanning from March to October, applying fertilizer and weed control on each treatment. Our proven program tailors every service to your lawn and the season by adjusting the type and amount of fertilizer and weed control we use.

We use the best products on the market for the fasted results for weed control. We offer two types of weed control, pre-emergent, which stops weeds before they emerge, and post-emergent, which kills weeds after they have grown. 

We pair fertilizing with weed control to help your lawn grow and prevent weeds from growing. We use a high-quality fertilizer mixed with our unique blend of micronutrients to provide the right amount of the three primary nutrients nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, and other necessary nutrients.

You can learn more about our Premium Lawn Program and the different types of weed control we offer by contacting us at Mountain West Pest Control. 

Our Drought Defense Program For Ogden Lawn

We have seen what impact a drought can have on our lawns, from water restrictions, broken sprinklers, heat, and other hazards; drought can send a lawn into dormancy or death during any season.

With our Drought Defense Program, you can be proactive, protecting your lawn against drought and heat stress.

Other Lawn Services For Ogden, UT

We offer more services than fertilizing and weed control! Below, you can read about what we can do for your lawn.

  • Liquid Aeration- aerating your lawn every year promotes healthy growth. We use an organic soil conditioner, which replaces mechanical Aeration.
  • Back to Green- if you want to keep your lawn green through the dry summer, we can help with our proactive Back to Green treatment. This treatment will help your lawn retain more moisture, which will require less irrigation to keep it green. 
  • Flowerbed Treatment- your yard probably contains more than your lawn. Whether it is concrete, dirt, gravel, or flowerbeds, we offer to spot treat all areas outside your lawn for weeds. We can also fertilize these areas upon request!
  • Grub Control- found in nearly every Utah lawn, grubs can kill patches of lawn if their colony becomes big enough. Grub control is included, free of charge, with our Premium Lawn Program.

If you want to know more about any of the programs and services we offer, do not hesitate to reach out to us at Mountain West Pest Control.