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Pest Control In Hooper, UT

Most of the time, when people think of pest problems, they think about rats in New York or termites in Florida. But pests in the West are just as much of a problem as they are back east – the problems just look a little different out here. That means Weber County pest control can be just as much of a challenge as any eastern infestation. That’s why Hooper residents and business owners must be vigilant against pest infestations all year round. 

Residential Pest Control In Hooper

Many Hooper homeowners probably think they can get by on their own when it comes to residential pest control. They might think a few sticky traps and poison baits bought from the nearest grocery store can take care of rodent or cockroach infestations, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Do-it-yourself pest control solutions are often ineffective in the face of how fast many pests breed and how tough they are. 

For instance, roaches are resistant to many over-the-counter (OTC) foggers and sprays, and they can breed so fast that they’ve probably already replaced themselves ten times by the time you actually kill them. That means you’ll really need to have professional residential services handling pest control around your home. The pest professionals at Mountain West Pest can inspect your home to catch and eliminate existing problems early and nip emergent problems in the bud before they start.

Commercial Pest Control In Hooper

If you think pest control in residential properties is tough, just wait until you try it in commercial spaces! You have a lot less control in a commercial environment than you do at home. Employees or customers probably aren’t going to be following pest control best practices all the time. They might fail to cover their trash or leave crumbs on the floor. Hotel guests might track bed bugs in and not even know it. Clients can leave doors open, letting in all kinds of bugs. 

This lack of control is why you need commercial pest control services even more than you need residential ones. Here at Mountain West Pest, we’re set up to deal with the pests that are unique to the Hooper area, as well as the pests that commonly infest businesses like restaurants, multi-family rental spaces, medical facilities, and more. So don’t wait – click or call today!

How To Tell If Your Hooper Home Has Bed Bugs

You might think bed bugs are just a hotel or dirty apartment building problem, but the truth is it’s so easy to wind up with bed bugs that it can happen to anyone. Bed bugs are so good at hiding that you might miss an infestation for months before you realize there’s a problem. Signs of infestation will be subtle, especially in the beginning. Look for clues like: 

  • Small, round bloodstains on sheets and bedding
  • Bites on your body that appear in clusters where your skin made contact with the bed
  • Bed bug eggs (look like tiny sesame seeds)
  • Bed bug feces (look like dark dots from a marker or pen)
  • Shed exoskeletons or dead bugs in your bed

If you have a bed bug infestation, you likely won’t see live bugs unless you look for them. Check creases and buttons on mattresses, under furniture cushions, between carpet fibers, and other tight squeezes. Even if you don’t see bugs, if you see other signs of a problem, you need to contact a professional bed bug control service right away. 

You might think you can handle a bed bug infestation yourself, but these pests are almost impossible for homeowners to handle on their own. Bed bugs are sneaky little pests. Don’t think they’re just a problem in your bed. They can spread all over your home before you know it. That’s why you should act swiftly. Every second you wait is a second that bed bugs are spreading across your home.

Ant Control Methods & Products In Hooper

Winding up with an ant infestation is never fun. If you have carpenter ants, it can even be dangerous. There are OTC ant control solutions like granules and baits to deal with ants, but these products often don’t do much good because they tend to fail to get the heart of the colony: the queen. This failure usually just causes the colony to relocate to some other area of your property. 

For this reason, ant prevention measures are much more effective. Take measures like:

  • Sealing off potential entryways into your home. 
  • Covering all indoor and outdoor garbage with tight lids.
  • Storing all pantry foods in airtight containers. 
  • Spraying lines of ants with vinegar to disrupt pheromones. 

If your prevention measures fail, rather than waste time and energy trying to get rid of ants yourself, contact us here at Mountain West Pest. We can eliminate your ant infestation in its entirety and make sure it never returns.