The Most Practical Termite Control Solution For Your Ogden Home


If you find yourself searching the web to know if you have termites or how to get rid of termites, you’re not alone. These “silent destroyers” can be challenging to spot, and the cost of repairs can be substantial. Termites are known for causing costly damages if they aren’t spotted early enough to stop the infestation. Contact an Ogden pest control expert immediately if you see trouble with termites.

How To Identify Termite Damage

If you aren’t a trained pest control professional, it’s not always possible to see evidence of termites.

If you see any of the following, you need to contact Mountain West Pest Control right away before the damage worsens:

  • Hollow wood
  • Blistering or darkening wood structures
  • Bubbling or uneven paint
  • Spotting droppings that resemble coffee grounds or sawdust
  • Discarded wings on windowsills or doors
  • Mud structures and tubes
  • Termite swarms
  • Discovering termite bodies
  • Swollen panels on walls

Regarding your home’s protection, you can never be too careful by taking control of the situation.

Why Termites Infest And Destroy Wooden Structures

Termites are drawn into your Ogden home by soil-to-wood contact, cracks in building exteriors, and moisture. When termites eat wood, they are after the cellulose from which wood is made. Cellulose is the main component in grass, plants, wood walls, paper, and cardboard. Termites never stop eating, so once they’ve entered your home, they will devour anything that contains cellulose, such as drywall, lumber, flooring, fabrics, and wallpaper. If left uncontrolled, termites can wreak havoc on the wooden structures of your home and even damage items like clothing and furniture.

Factors That Attract Termites To Your Home

Termites typically colonize near readily available food sources, such as rotting or soft wood. They will seek out these moist areas in your Ogden property to place their new colony site.

To effectively prevent termites in your home, it’s essential to understand what attracts termites to your home:

  • Moisture: If termites aren’t in a humid space, they dry out and die. They search for leaking water systems, air conditioners, and excessive moisture from the laundry room or bathroom.
  • Landscaping: Mulch is made of wood chips that can retain moisture, making them an attractive food source for termites.
  • Dead trees: As trees die and rot, they will attract termites to your home once they’ve eaten through the tree.
  • Landscaping timbers: They can develop moisture, making them perfect attractions for termites.
  • Wood piles: Keep all firewood piles at least 30 feet away from your home and five inches above the ground.
  • Gutters: Clogged gutters can build up leaves and twigs, and the excess moisture can soften your roof and cause it to rot.

Limiting these attracting factors can help make your home less susceptible to a termite infestation.

The Best Thing To Do If You Spot Signs Of Termite Damage

If you suspect termites might be responsible for the damage in your house, contact Mountain West Pest Control immediately. Our caring and qualified technicians are committed to ensuring the safety and comfort of your home and are available for same-day and emergency service. As a local business, we are highly knowledgeable about the pests in Ogden and know how to protect your property from termite damage. We know termites are tricky pests, and regardless of whether termites are already active in your home or not, we provide a variety of treatment methods to stop active termite infestations and prevent future ones. Because termite damage is not covered under most homeowners’ insurance, you must take proactive steps to protect your house from termites.

Our termite control service begins with a thorough termite inspection of your house. We look for signs of termite activity, damage, and conducive conditions that will attract termites to your home. Once we know if termites are already active in your home, we’ll review your treatment options and recommend a treatment plan that will be most effective for your house. Our services are designed with two goals: eliminate active termite colonies and prevent new colonies from moving in.

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