How To Get Rid Of Gophers On Your Ogden Property

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You take great care of your Ogden property, tending to your lawn and garden with a loving touch. Many hours have been spent cultivating it to the point where it is exactly how you had envisioned it years earlier. You consider it time well-spent, but lately there have been some mysterious happenings taking place in your yard that have left you concerned. Something has been eating the vegetables in your garden and also leaving trails of dirt throughout your yard. You have never seen an actual gopher before, but popular opinion is pointing to those furry rodents as the culprits. Learn how gophers can be a threat to your property and how partnering with Mountain West Pest Control, the best pest control in Ogden, is the best method of gopher control you can have to keep your lawn and garden from getting ruined by these pests.

How To Identify A Gopher Problem On Your Property

Gophers in Ogden are garden pests that can be a major threat to our properties. They create an unsightly grid of dirt runways, mounds, and tunnels, turning our well-manicured yards into minefields. Gophers are most active in yards with loose, sandy soil; gophers break the soil up as they dig, so the mounds they create are going to be fine, as opposed to clumpy. They tend to create several holes that are near each other, so finding groups of holes points to gopher occupation on your property. They also plug their tunnel entry holes, so if you see a plug on top of the mounds, it was likely created by a gopher.

Gophers Are More Of A Threat To Your Lawn Than You

Gophers can be a real threat to your Ogden yard. The underground tunnels they make can damage underground wires, pipes, and cables and cause structural damage to foundations. Their digging isn’t the only detrimental result of them having free rein of your property; their feeding habits cause damage to trees, grass, flowers, fruits, and vegetables. As cute as these critters look, they leave a path of damage and destruction in their wake. Keeping gophers in Ogden off your property requires the best gopher control in the area. Look no further than Mountain West Pest Control.

The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Gophers

If gophers are making a mess of your property, the best way to get rid of them is with the help of Mountain West Pest Control. We will protect your Ogden property from gophers through our premium pest control services, using natural methods that will not harm your family or the environment. Our gopher control professionals will complete thorough inspections of your property and help you determine the best gopher control methods of getting them out of your yard and keeping them out. To learn more about our effective, guaranteed gopher pest control methods, backed by our top-notch customer service, reach out today!

Natural Ways To Prevent Gophers From Returning To Your Property

Mountain West Pest Control is able to handle any gopher pest control required for your property; there are some natural gopher control techniques you can try on your own to keep these varmints out of your yard:

  • Use raised planting boxes in garden areas to help stop them from digging through your gardens.
  • Use mesh hardware cloth or aluminum sheeting buried underground with about 5 to 6 inches exposed above ground to help protect vegetation.
  • Plant lavender, rosemary, salvia, catmint, oleander, and marigolds around your lawn and garden. These plants can be used to repel gophers since they do not like the smell of them.
  • Place wind chimes around your property. Gophers are sensitive to loud noises, so the sounds of these may help keep them away.

These tips should help prevent gophers from running amok in your yards. If all else fails, the experts at Mountain West Pest Control will be there for all your Ogden pest control needs for dealing with these rodents.

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