What To Do About Gophers Tearing Up Your Ogden Lawn


Are you finding strange, seemingly inexplicable damage throughout your Ogden lawn? Gophers could be to blame. These rodents wreak havoc on grass, soil, and gardens as they tunnel through the earth, harming plants and leaving your property unsightly.

As the premiere Ogden pest control company, we've dealt with plenty of gopher infestations. Unfortunately, we've seen homeowners lose all hope trying to fight against these pests, but it doesn't have to be this way. Read on to learn what you can do about gophers on your property, and reach out to Mountain West Pest Control when you're ready to reclaim your lawn.

How To Tell If It's Gophers In Your Lawn

The digging habits of gophers leave distinct clues that point to these rodents as the culprit of your lawn woes. Above ground, you'll see that their tunnels leave mounds in horseshoe patterns. If you look closely at these mounds, you'll find openings measuring three inches where the gopher exited the tunnel.

Of course, gophers aren't the only pest that tunnels underground. If you're still not sure you're dealing with gophers or something else, reach out to our gopher control experts for a professional diagnosis and a free quote.

The Extent Of Damage Gophers Can Cause To Your Lawn

Why is gopher pest control so important? The damage caused by these rodents can be quite expensive.

If left unchecked, gophers can:

  • Destroy root systems for plants
  • Raise rocks to the surface, potentially damaging lawn equipment
  • Harm to utilities buried partially or wholly underground, like plumbing
  • Weaken structural support for buildings

Keep in mind that it's difficult to gauge the number of gophers in your lawn based on the visible mounds alone. At Mountain West Pest Control, we focus on large-scale gopher control tools and techniques to ensure we target the entirety of the gopher infestation. We guarantee all of our work and won't quit until we see our gopher control methods have been effective.

Factors That Attract Gophers To Your Property

Pocket gopher control means more than expelling rodents from your lawn. It requires extensive knowledge about what brings them to your property in the first place.

These factors can attract gophers and encourage them to stay:

  • Protection from predators: Many predators easily overpower gophers. To compensate for their weak stature, they spend most of their time underground and stick to one area unless forced to leave due to outside forces.
  • Plenty of food: Unlike many other pests that seem to eat anything, gophers are strict herbivores. They'll attack vegetables in gardens and roots, posing a threat to any plants of all sizes growing on your lawn.
  • Soil quality: Gophers need loose soil to construct their tunnel systems. Once they find a location that meets this need, it often becomes their home.

In some cases, there isn't much you can do to change these things without completely changing the composition of your lawn. However, our team can utilize tools and products that will repel gophers without causing any more damage to your property.

The Best Way To Deal With A Gopher Problem

Combating gophers on your own is a losing proposition. For gopher control in Ogden, you need a professional understanding of how these rodents behave, what will drive them away, and how to keep them away for good.

That's where Mountain West Pest Control comes in. We provide every customer with the same high level of customer service and work diligently with you to end your infestation as quickly and safely as possible. Call us today for a free estimate and to learn more about our pest management services!

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