How Can I Protect My Salt Lake City Home From Termites?


Many people in Utah assume that termites aren’t a concern. These pests are often associated with parts of the country that are more humid, but the truth is that a termite infestation can happen here, too. Salt Lake City termites are destructive and invasive, and it’s easy to miss signs of their presence. Often, people will have a termite problem for months or even years before they realize it, and these infestations can be expensive to remove and repair at this point.

Therefore, the best way to handle termites is to take preventive steps against them. This guide has all the information you need to know about Salt Lake City termite control.

Why Termites Can Strike At Any Time Around Salt Lake City

While some pests only emerge and become active during the spring and summer, others are active year-round. Termites are, unfortunately, one of these constantly active pests. While they have a specific period, known as termite season, where they leave the nest to reproduce, they can damage properties throughout the year.

Once termites get inside a structure, they eat through wooden objects constantly. Since they either live inside of wood or in underground nests, it protects them from harsh weather.

How Can I Prevent Termites In My Home?

If you're wondering how to prevent termites, you can follow some helpful preventive steps. But, keep in mind that termites are difficult to deter without professional assistance. Nevertheless, you can still follow these steps:

  • Remove excess humidity around your property by fixing leaky plumbing and cleaning up any standing water from around the yard.
  • Restrict access to your house by creating a barrier between the soil and your home’s foundation.
  • Clean up water damaged or decaying wood from your yard as weakened wood can attract termites.
  • Store firewood at least 30 feet away from the home’s exterior. Make sure to keep woodpiles stacked in a dry, organized manner.

But, while these measures can make your property less appealing to termites, there is one final step that’s the most effective.

Why Professional Termite Control Is Always The Best Solution

Termites are unfortunately rather tricky to prevent, and they are also challenging to identify. Termites are relatively silent invaders, and signs of termite damage don’t always appear until the infestation has been destroying the inside of the wood for a time.

The best way to keep termites from damaging your home is to contact the Salt Lake City pest control professionals at Mountain West Pest Control. We offer exclusion services that seal up common access points around your home’s foundation and walls, and we also provide removal options.

Contact Mountain West For Expert Termite Protection In Salt Lake City

The most effective way to examine your property is with a termite inspection if you suspect termites. Our team at Mountain West Pest Control suggests a yearly home termite inspection. You can identify termite infestations before damage has begun to accumulate. Get started with termite protection by giving us a call today.

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