Ogden Property Owners' Handy Wildlife Exclusion Guide


When was the last time you saw a wild creature wandering through your property? When you saw them, did it seem like they were up to no good? Many wild creatures in our area are considered nuisance wildlife. If you want to know the difference between harmless wild creatures and nuisance wildlife in Ogden that are up to no good, here are some things you should know.

Types Of Nuisance Wildlife That Invade Ogden Properties

Many types of nuisance wildlife live here in Ogden. Some are large and only come onto properties for a short time, like coyotes and deer. Other wildlife pests like settling in and living under porches, inside outbuildings, and sometimes invade living areas. Some nuisance wildlife you should know how to identify include skunks, birds, rats, mice, squirrels, geese, gophers, raccoons, voles, and opossums. These pests invade properties for different reasons and are known for the many problems they cause.

The Problems Wildlife Can Cause On Your Ogden Property

One thing you should know about nuisance wildlife in Ogden is that they are not always just a nuisance. Some creatures in our area cause serious problems. Here are a few problematic wild creatures you should know about.

Skunks invade properties and sometimes become incredibly defensive of themselves or their babies. Skunks spray a foul odor from the scent sac located at their rear to ward off prey. This odor is so pungent you can smell it a good distance away.

Birds invade attic spaces and spread diseases through their fecal droppings. Birds also carry fleas, ticks, and other parasitic pests into homes and outbuildings.

Rats, mice, and squirrels damage property with their sharp teeth and spread a variety of diseases through their bodies and their bites, and with the fleas and ticks they occasionally carry.

Gophers and voles dig tunnels under lawns and cause severe damage to turf and other plant growth.

Raccoons love to get into trash cans and cause other problems with their dexterous fingers. These pests often carry fleas and ticks and occasionally spread rabies with their bites.

Four Wildlife Exclusion Tips For Ogden Properties

One option you have is using our exclusion tips when it comes to wildlife management and keeping these pests off your property. Here are four great wildlife management tips and tricks you should know to keep your property safe.

  • Seal your home's exterior by fixing damage to its foundation, window and door screens, weatherstripping, and door sweeps.
  • Address moisture problems around your property by cleaning out your gutters, fixing damaged pipes and fixtures, and eliminating sources of water buildup.
  • Remove food attractants from your yard like fallen fruit, pet food, and leftovers from outdoor cookouts.
  • Eliminate hiding spots by clearing up brush, removing clutter, and storing woodpiles and building materials a good distance from your home's exterior.

The Trick To Complete Wildlife Control For Your Ogden Property

There is only one way to remove wildlife from your property effectively, and that is by hiring a wildlife expert. At Mountain West Pest Control, we offer our community advanced wildlife trapping and removal services. Our local wildlife removal is fast, effective, and designed to fit your property's individual needs. In addition, our team of wildlife pest control experts are highly trained and equipped to handle any problem you are dealing with.

Call our team today to find out why we are the wildlife expert for you and your Ogden property!

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