Why You Should Call The Pros About Rodent Control For Your Ogden Home


Located about 35 minutes from Salt Lake City lies the rugged yet rustic city of Ogden, Utah. While adrenaline seekers can satisfy their need for heart-pounding pleasure among the mountains, Ogden also offers a vibrant city life filled with dozens of restaurants, distilleries, and breweries that will satisfy even the most refined palates. Ogden rodents make no claims to having a sophisticated palate – there's not a food snob among them! If food is available, they will come.

The Dangerous Rodents That Invade Ogden Homes

Whether it's mice or rats invading your property, Ogden rodents bring danger to homeowners. Identifying which species are invading your home can be tricky, but different rodents have distinctive characteristics that help homeowners identify which one is giving them trouble.

Characteristics of three types of rodents common in Ogden include:

  1. Roof rats: These rats are smaller than Norway rats measuring (with their tail) about 16 inches. Their bodies are sleek and thin, with smooth and soft brown hair with black spots interspersed. They have an underbelly that ranges from black to white to gray. Roof rats have pointed noses, large ears, and large eyes.
  2. Norway rats: This rat is "hefty," measuring between 7 to 9½ inches (their tails are usually shorter than their head and body united). They are brown, but their hair tends to be wiry/bristly, with black hairs intermingled. Their underbelly can sometimes be a yellowish/off-white color or occasionally gray. A Norway rat's nose is blunt, and its eyes and ears are small.
  3. House mice: These "round" mice measure between 2½ to 3¾ inches long with an additional 2¾ inches to 4 inches for their tail. Usually dull-gray, they can also be light brown or dark gray; their underbellies are typically white. They have pointy noses, large ears, and small eyes.

The Diseases and Damage Rodents Can Cause In Ogden Homes

One thing all rodents have in common is destruction and disease. When your home's defenses get breached, the problems they bring can be pretty serious.

Three dangers rodents bring to your Ogden home include:

  1. Contamination of food/food surfaces and stored items
  2. Spoiling of packaged foods
  3. Damage to wood, drywall, electrical items, and insulation

Four health hazards rodents bring to your Ogden home include:

  1. Asthma and allergies aggravated
  2. Transportation of parasites into your home (lice, mites, fleas, ticks)
  3. Over 35 different diseases
  4. Food poisoning

Why DIY Rodent Control Often Fails In Ogden Homes

DIY treatments sound like a good, cost-effective idea for most homeowners; however, they typically don't get rid of rodents completely. Typical rodent solutions like traps and repellants may seem cheap, but they are often short-term solutions that require repeated purchases.

Another problem with DIY treatments is that homeowners must deal with poisons, feces, and dead rodents, which can be dangerous. DIY products contain toxins that can harm people and pets. Spending time and money on treatments that don't get rid of rodents entirely and safely can be an unnecessary frustration for homeowners.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Rodents In Your Ogden Home And Keep Them Out

The pest professionals at Mountain West Pest are the best and safest way to get rid of different types of rodents from your Ogden home. We focus on educating our customers about their pest problems while amplifying the value of your home. Rodents threaten your home and the people living inside it; therefore, our technicians are passionate about making your home as enjoyable and safe as possible. Call Mountain West Pest today and check out our full home protection plan.

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