How To Keep Problematic Wildlife Away From Your Ogden Property


While certain wildlife may seem kind of cute, the truth is that these nuisance pests can cause real problems around your home or business. There are many consequences to consider between property damage and contamination. That’s why we recommend reliable pest control in Ogden. The team at Mountain West Pest is proud to provide local wildlife removal to homes and businesses throughout the area.

Common Types Of Wildlife That Invade Ogden Properties

When it comes to quality wildlife control in Ogden, it’s important to be knowledgeable about your local species. Some of the most common types of wildlife that invade local properties include the following:

  • Raccoons – These pests are known for their distinguishable black mask of fur covering the area around their eyes. They can easily move through vents, chimneys, windows, and other high-up places near the roof.
  • Skunks – These pests are known for the stinky smell they spray onto those who disturb them. These putrid pests can cause holes in the yard and damage concrete and wood around your property.
  • Snakes – Certain snake species are known for injecting venom into their prey. However, non-venomous snakes actually help the ecosystem by keeping local rodent populations in check.
  • Squirrels – These pests are popular intruders that forage for food on our properties. There are over 200 species of squirrels all over the world, making them extremely common.

To deal with these wildlife pests, the best thing to do is secure professional wildlife control. That’s where we come in. Call Mountain West Pest for all your wildlife removal and prevention needs.

The Problems Wildlife Can Create Around Your Property

If you’re wondering what’s so threatening about wildlife infestation, there are a number of things to keep in mind. Wildlife cause damage around your property as well as a variety of other consequences. Here are some of the potential results of wildlife activity:

  • Contamination through urine and feces
  • Damage to the yard and garden
  • Damage to wood, cables, wires, etc.
  • Destabilization of structure
  • Destruction and contamination of insulation
  • Expensive property damage
  • Invasion of the kitchen in search of food
  • Nesting within the home
  • Noise and scavenging behavior
  • Scattering of garbage and trash
  • Threatening domestic animals
  • Transmission of harmful diseases

Professional wildlife control is the best way to protect your property from the harmful effects of nuisance wildlife. The team at Mountain West Pest is here to keep you guarded against these dangers. Call today to get started.

Six Natural Ways To Deter Wildlife From Your Property

The best way to approach your wildlife prevention efforts is to be as proactive as possible. Here are six natural ways to deter wildlife from your property:

  1. Address leaky pipes or clogged drains in a timely manner.
  2. Inspect potential entry points where utilities enter the home.
  3. Keep attics, crawl spaces, and basements well-ventilated and dry.
  4. Maintain and organize your storage areas and keep boxes off the floor.
  5. Store all your food properly, including pet food and bird seed.
  6. Use weather stripping and loose mortar around the foundation and windows.

While taking precautions is always beneficial, the truth is that none of these methods are entirely reliable on their own. We suggest securing professional pest control from your local experts.

The Most Effective Wildlife Control For Your Property

Mountain West Pest is here to provide you with comprehensive wildlife control services for your home or business. There’s no denying the fact that wildlife infestation is hard to handle on your own, which is why we’re here to help. Here at Mountain West Pest, we perform professional wildlife removal and exclusion work to keep wildlife from returning. Call us today to discuss your wildlife control needs.

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