Ogden Homeowners' Complete Guide Bed Bug Control


Ogden homeowners often get caught up in pest control for termites and cockroaches and forget bed bugs. However, bed bug control must be in every homeowner’s overall pest prevention plan. Once these bloodsuckers get a foothold in your home, only strong solutions like bed bug fumigation or heat treatments can get them out.

Continue reading to learn the methods you can use to keep these crawlers away and why Mountain West Pest Control is the best local pest control for bed bugs.

How Bed Bugs Get Around

Bed bugs are crafty little hitchhikers. While most other pests try to find ways onto your property, bed bugs find ways to get onto you. If you set your belongings down in the wrong spot or brush up against something in an infested area, bed bugs will cling onto you and wait until you bring them into your home. Hotels, nursing homes, office buildings, and schools are the common places where bed bugs spread and where you're likely to pick them up.

Because these bloodsuckers hitchhike to get around, bed bug control differs from the pest control used against other vermin. While covering your garbage cans and sealing potential entry points on your property may stop mice and cockroaches from invading your home, these control methods have little effect on bed bugs.

Signs And Symptoms Of A Bed Bug Infestation

Before using any particular bed bug control technique for your home, you first have to identify if you have a problem. Bed bugs are excellent at hiding. Infestations can last months or even years before you realize it. However, there are a few signs of infestation you should be on the lookout for:

  • Small, round brown stains on your sheets.
  • Eggs or bed bug feces in your bed—these will look like tiny sesame seeds or coffee grounds.
  • Bed bug bites.

Bed bug bites are often the first sign people notice. It’s easy to ignore them because they look similar to mosquito and flea bites. However, while bites from mosquitoes or fleas can appear anywhere and without pattern, bed bug bites will always appear on areas where your body makes contact with your bed. For example, sleeping on your stomach will have bed bugs biting your torso and thighs. These bites also may appear in lines or clusters.

Simple Yet Effective Bed Bug Prevention Tips

If a bed bug infestation balloons out of control, bed bug fumigation and heat treatments will be necessary. These treatments can be expensive, but you can keep residential pest control costs low by implementing preventative measures. Prevention is the natural pest control for bed bugs. Here are simple lifestyle changes that will help reduce the chances of bed bugs ever becoming a problem in your home:

  • Always check hotel mattresses for bed bugs before unpacking or settling into your room.
  • Never lay your belongings on hotel beds or sofas.
  • Wash and dry clothing on the highest heat setting after returning from travel.
  • If you second-hand shop, check items for bugs before bringing them into your home (or avoid second-hand shopping altogether).

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Controlling bed bugs on your own can be impossible. Not only have bed bugs developed high resistance to many over-the-counter pest control products, but they can also hide all over your house. Treating your mattress will not be enough, and it's easy to get overwhelmed.

Fortunately, the experts at Mountain West Pest Control are here to help. We are the best local pest control for bed bugs. Our bed bug techniques for your home will solve your problem and return your property to normalcy. If you’re ready to kick the bugs out of your bed, call us or visit our contact page to request a bed bug inspection today!

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