How To Get Rid Of Voles On Your Ogden Property


Your home in Ogden is your retreat from the world, and your yard should be, as well. But even in Ogden, you are not immune to the possibility of rodents, such as voles, infiltrating your yard. Among the many different that could infest your home, voles can be unique in their own way. While some tiny rodents can be considered dangerous, voles are more a nuisance pest than anything.

That does not mean you should ignore these rodents, however. If the population gets out of hand, your yard could be at risk on different fronts. One, your yard will be torn apart. Two, as a mostly prey species, voles will attract predators into your yard that might try to take up a more permanent residence. To combat this, contact us at Mountain West Pest Control, we are a proud local Ogden pest control company.

How To Identify Voles

Voles can be difficult to identify because they can be mistaken for a number of other tiny rodents. Not that all rodents look the same, but you might think you’ve come across a mole or a chubby rat. Furthermore, voles and moles are in fact very different pests, even though their names and appearance are similar.

You can also identify these types of rodents by their short tail, tiny eyes, and thick brown fur. Voles on occasion can be referred to as meadow mice. A vole will eat your garden or yard down to nothing and have a population cycle of roughly five years.

The Problems Voles On Your Property Can Create

There are many reasons a homeowner would want to get rid of rodents like voles when they show up. Voles can create shallow tunnels around your yard and can become extremely active during the spring season. As for the different damage they can cause, consider the following:

  • If you plant vegetables, a vole can eat them from underneath so they still appear undisturbed on the surface.
  • Because voles can tunnel underground, they can also uproot plants, shrubs, and trees while doing this.
  • Voles will eat your flowers and tear the bulbs off ones that haven’t bloomed yet.
  • Like mostly all rodents, voles can chew wood and will leave your trees splintered and hollow.

While all of these things can seem more annoying than anything, a ruined lawn can leave your home vulnerable to other common rodents, such as rats and other more malicious predatory pests.

Natural Ways To Prevent Voles On Your Property

You can take steps to prevent voles from getting into your yard, thus keeping other pests away too. These steps include:

  • Remove any bird feeders around your home.
  • Store woodpiles away from your home.
  • Keep shrubbery trimmed and your lawn mowed down.
  • Keep your garden well-weeded to eliminate unnecessary underbrush.

Voles are a prime food source for snakes and other predatory animals, which will be attracted to your property when voles are present. If you stay vigilant and keep their numbers down, you can protect your home from future invasions.

The Trick To Getting Rid Of Voles

The most efficient way to get rid of rodents like voles and others they might attract to your yard is by calling a professional pest control team. When you have a team with experience and technical know-how, you don’t just get a pest-free home. You’ll get your peace of mind back, too. At Mountain West Pest Control, we hope to be that team for you.

At Mountain West Pest Control, we are committed to our customers, ensuring the best service no matter how big or small the job is. You can give us a call at Mountain West Pest Control to learn more about our service options. Whether it’s common rodents that have got you down or insects that have invaded your home, we will create a solution that works for you.

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