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Wildlife Control & Exclusion In Ogden, UT

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Eliminate Problem Animals With Help From Mountain West Pest Control

There is a wide variety of wild animals that are endemic to the Salt Lake City area. Thanks to our warm summers, humid winters, and ever-growing population, these creatures are starting to slowly creep into human habitats and homes.

If you are concerned about the possibility of wildlife creatures gaining access to your Salt Lake City home, look no further than the team at Mountain West Pest Control. Our highly trained technicians are 100% qualified to safely, affordably, and humanely eliminate animals in Ogden.

Wildlife Control & Exclusion From Mountain West Pest Control

If your home is experiencing a wildlife infestation, Mountain West Pest Control can help. Our trapping program is performed in four steps:

  1. Your assigned technician will perform a thorough inspection and provide insights into the wildlife species in question. 
  2. We use live traps to eliminate wild animals and follow up with our customers after one week to check traps and change actions if needed. We also perform bat exclusion services with one-way doors and barring entry points. 
  3. Once we have established primary prevention, we will then perform exclusion work around all entry points. By using a type of fencing around porches and basements, we will be able to keep all wildlife species away from your home.
  4. We offer a one-year warranty on all exclusion services, including small repairs and larger jobs.

Curious to learn more? Reach out to the professional team behind Mountain West Pest Control for your customizable program. 

How To Prevent Wild Animal Infestations 

Wild animals do not choose to infest without reason. In order to prevent infestations from reoccurring, follow these helpful steps:

  • Consider eliminating food and water sources around the yard. 
  • Turn the compost pile frequently to encourage aerobic breakdown. 
  • Rely on a professional pest control team such as Mountain West Pest Control for long-term trapping, baiting, and elimination services.

With Mountain West Pest Control, wildlife management in the Ogden area is simple, easy, and straightforward. Book your next inspection with our team at your earliest convenience.

Mountain West Pest Control Is Here For You

No matter what kind of wild animals you are struggling against, consider the work of Mountain West Pest Control to eliminate their activity entirely. Submit an online contact form to set up your first ever appointment, or call our Salt Lake City office to speak with a professional.