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Mountain West Pest Rodent Treatment

Utah is known for mice, moles, and voles. Getting rodent guard with Mountain West Pest is both effective and affordable! Our service includes:

  • -Inspections
  • -Traps
  • -Baits
  • -Preventative treatments
  • -Repellents

We will conduct an inspection to evaluate how much rodent activity you are having. After the inspection, we will consult with you to review our finding and make sure we cover everything. Then we will provide an effective treatment plan to help rid the rodents from your home!

Rat Treatment

Mouse Treatment

Vole Treatment

What Is a Rodent?

Rodents are small mammals that typically live in or around people’s homes. They carry disease, eat and contaminate food, and unfortunately tend to coexist with humans. And if the living conditions are right, they can reproduce quickly and become hard to eliminate or control.

Knowing which rodents to look for can help you get ahead of a problem though. If you’re wondering what types of rodents you can expect around your home, here’s a quick list of common rodents in Utah:

  • Deer Mice — Most common rodent in North America. When you think of mice, this is what you think of.
  • Voles — Voles spend most of their time underground, but are known for how fast they reproduce. One mother can have between 40-50 offspring per year. 
  • Norway Rats — There are one of the largest rats in Utah, and are typically found living near human beings. Why? Because unsanitary conditions provide the perfect feeding conditions.
  • Ground Squirrels — Not always considered a pest, but these rodents occasionally prefer to store food underground — which isn’t great for your lawn.
  • Prairie Dogs — These Utah natives are known for their extensive tunnel systems, only emerging to forage for food.

But knowing the rodent is only half the battle. Serious rodent infestations often require professional help, which is where we come in!

Got A Rodent Problem? Call Mountain West Pest!

Mountain West Pest Control has experience dealing with rodent issues in homes and businesses here in Utah. If you’ve got a rodent problem on your hands, give us a call.