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It’s hard to believe that a tiny little creature like a mosquito can instantly cause panic and havoc.

Mosquitoes are an inevitable part of summer, right? But these pests are on the rise throughout the United States. And, with them, vector-borne diseases have risen too. These are severe, often deadly, diseases transmitted through a bite.

Such as a mosquito bite.

So when swarms of outdoor mosquitoes turns into an infestation of mosquitoes indoors, they can pose significant risks to your home and your health, and you need the best mosquito control service at

But even if it never gets that far, mosquitos are annoying. You’ll need to learn how to get rid of mosquitoes and which mosquito control methods are most effective.


Our mosquito treatment is tailored to your home so you can enjoy the outdoors, this service includes:

-Spraying eves & overhangs

-Inspections each time your home is serviced

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Why You May Have Mosquito Infestation on Your Hands

Mosquitoes, like ticks, are pests that begin on the outside. They’ll only come inside if their host or subject moves inside. Target these areas in early spring to limit their numbers on your property:

Water Around Your Property

Still water is where mosquitoes lay their eggs and where these newly hatched eggs turn into adult mosquitoes. Without a place to breed, you’ll be doing your part to decimate their numbers

Your Screens Have Holes in Them

If you’re failing to seal those holes in your screen doors, you’re practically inviting these bugs in during the evening.

Go through the doors and windows on your property and make sure that either any small holes have been repaired or that you entirely replace the netting.

You’re Failing to Clean Up Your Property

Once born, mosquitoes aim to survive — all so they can produce the next generation of bloodsuckers. This means they’ll use dark, uninterrupted corners and hiding spots to ensure their survival through the day, so they can emerge at twilight.

Besides overturning inflatable pools or covering in-ground ones, you’ll want to go through your property and clean out anything that’s untouched and unused.

These are hidden-in-plain-sight sites that are ideal for mosquitoes to nest within. Make sure to also mow your lawn frequently as mosquitoes will use tall grass to rest.

Why a Mosquito Infestation is More Than Just Annoying

Mosquito populations across the world are on the rise. No matter where you travel, you’re likely to meet these pests.

But when they bite you in your own backyard, those resulting swollen bumps could be more than just itchy and irritating nuisances. Mosquito bites that trigger the regular inflammatory response of swelling skin could actually be aiding the potential viruses they transmit.

Mosquitoes Can Open the Floodgates for Other Pests

Dengue and malaria are pretty common occurrences in developing nations. But mosquitoes out here have added a few more major diseases and viruses to their arsenal: namely, West Nile, Zika, and Chikungunya.

Because of the way that mosquitoes feed, by plunging their two tubes into the host body, contamination and the spread of disease is inevitable. Out of 3,000 species of mosquitoes, the three most common, are also responsible for spreading yellow fever and encephalitis

The conditions that breed mosquitoes are also likely to attract other pests like cockroaches, ticks, and black flies. While mosquitoes are not really interested in making your home their own, a mosquito infestation can begin at the same source as other pestilence.

Mosquito Bites Can Quickly Become Painful

Not everyone is allergic to mosquito bites. But for those with other sensitivities, these bites can weaken the immune system’s response. This exacerbates red, swollen bumps that usually accompany a mosquito’s bite into blistering lesions, hives, and even fever and joint swelling.

Mosquito Can Irritate and Harm Your Pets

Remember that mosquitoes breed in standing or still sources of water. Like your pet’s water bowl.

To avoid this, you want to change your pet’s water dish frequently, at least once a day.

When mosquitoes bite pets, especially dogs, they’ll experience the same symptoms as humans: an irritating and constant need to itch at the source.

But, just as in humans, these transmitters of disease can carry and pass on more serious parasitic diseases like heartworm.

Contact Mountain West Pest Control For Effective Mosquito Prevention

The motto for mosquito control at Mountain West Pest Control is simple: It’s all about prevention. Once an infestation has begun, we can help you eradicate the numbers and make your surrounding property safe again.

But if you’re wondering how to get rid of a mosquito, our professional team of pest control experts will work with you to create a personalized prevention program. Disrupting their developmental cycle before mosquitoes even begin is the best strategy for your family’s health.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can contribute to suppressing the number of mosquitoes and vector-borne diseases today.