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Ant infestations are one of the most common household problems homeowners face. It’s not always a case of uncleanliness, either.
Ants are incredibly resourceful, and they’ll swarm your home if you have the right combination of factors. These include cracks in your walls, doors, and windows, sugary and starchy foods, garbage at home, and a warm areas with excess moisture — like your kitchen or your bathroom. For the most part, ants like to build their colonies outside and nest outside as well. But those small burrows cropping up around your pavement or driveway are not the most attractive things to see. And if they’re too close to your home, ants will find a way in because they rely on your home for food sources. Once they’ve collected what they need, they’ll march right back out again. But they’ll return over and over again so what starts out as a few stray ants can quickly become an ant infestation.

Why Are Ant Infestations Such A Problem?

Once ants know their way in and out, they’ll never leave. There’s an entire colony of these industrious little pests and they’ll grow by the minute, calling for backup and working their way back with your food.

They’re a nuisance, for sure, but some species of ants also present some clear dangers. So if you experience a more aggressive ant infestation like fire ants or carpenter ants, it’s time to call the best ant control service you can find.

Some of Them Can Bite and Sting

Fire ants, carpenter ants, and pavement ants are notorious for their bites and stings. If you’re allergic to a fire ant’s bite, you may find that your raised and red, itchy skin is accompanied by dizziness, shortness of breath, a swollen tongue, and abdominal pain.

These pests will attack unprovoked and that’s why it’s so hard to address these particular species of ants with DIY methods. They require professional ant control solutions.

Ants Can Damage Your Home

Carpenter ants are some of the most common species of ants. They’re probably what come to mind when you think about an ant infestation. Large and black, they like making their colonies in damp or decomposing wood — either indoors or out.

They’ll easily chew through wooden baseboards and even create dents and shavings in your wooden cabinetry. They also love wooden decks and fences.

Ants Will Swarm Your Food Containers

Garbage or compost sitting out in the open in your home, unsecure food containers (like boxes of crackers) and even pet food and water is very attractive to ants. They’ll search for and track these smells right to the source of the food, then call for help from their colony.

Ants Can Attract Predators

Depending on the kind of ant infestation you have, an influx of ants will attract other pests. Spiders, for example, thrive on ants and pests like flies around the house. If you have an overpopulation of ants, expect spiders to step in.

Ants also attract bug-eating birds. This is sometimes a good thing, because it may be a natural solution for your ant infestation. But this can also cause an unwanted swarm of birds and droppings on your property, courtesy of their feeding.  

Contact Mountain West Pest Control for the Best Ant Control Service Solution

The professional pest control experts at Mountain West Pest Control work with you to find the right solution to your ant infestation problem. Since not all ants are created alike, and not all ants will spring from the same source, it’s important for us to be able to survey the root of your ant infestation first.

Once we’ve pinpointed the problem, we’ll treat your home with our efficient and kid-safe techniques for extermination.

Contact the team at Mountain West Pest Control today and learn how we’re treating your pest problems a little differently