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Mosquito Control In Ogden, UT

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Comprehensive Mosquito Control For Homeowners In Ogden, UT

Many of us are all too familiar with the whining drone of a hungry mosquito. Although mosquitoes in Ogden are present in virtually every lawn and garden, make no mistake: these creatures are extremely dangerous and are more than capable of spreading serious diseases.

If you think a mosquito infestation could be affecting your quality of life, consider relying on the knowledgeable professionals at Mountain West Pest Control. With many years in the mosquito control industry, our experts have developed a fool-proof plan that stops insects in their tracks.

Mosquito Control From Mountain West Pest Control

The following mosquito control strategy has been carefully evaluated to ensure peak performance around Ogden properties.

  • Our first step in the process is always a thorough property inspection. We carefully evaluate the needs of your lawn and property, finding harborage zones, breeding areas, and many other attractant factors. 
  • In order to provide the best possible results for our clients, Mountain West Pest Control uses a mosquito blower to treat the entire property. We apply treatments to lawn hot spots, spaces around the foundation, and any thick bushes or green shrubbery. Customers can upgrade to our year-round mosquito bait and monitoring system for an added layer of protection. 
  • Although we apply our regular mosquito treatments between April and October, we also offer treatments for one-time special events.

Discover the difference that Mountain West Pest Control could make around your property. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

Other Ways To Prevent Mosquito Infestations

Lawn treatments help to exterminate lingering mosquito populations, but when combined with prevention steps, they can keep your home safe for months on end. Try these tips on for size:

  • Eliminate standing water sources. 
  • Trim grasses, trees, and bushes regularly.
  • Do what you can to reduce the amount of shade around south-facing parts of the house.

Once mosquito populations are established, eliminating them isn't easy. That's why pest treatments from Mountain West Pest Control are always the first step in prevention. Learn more by submitting an online contact form at your earliest convenience.

Contact Mountain West Pest Control At The First Sign Of Mosquito Activity

Eliminating mosquito activity in Ogden is easy with help from the professional team at Mountain West Pest Control. Call our Ogden office today to learn more.