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Cockroach Identification & Prevention

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What are cockroaches?

Cockroaches are insects that have been around for a very long time. While many species live outside well away from people, others have developed a close bond with people.

Two examples of cockroaches that regularly find a way into our Utah homes are the Oriental cockroach and the German cockroach.

Oriental cockroaches are oval-shaped like other roaches but have a more rounded and almost beetle-like appearance. They are shiny black in color, have a high affinity for water, and move at a slower pace than other roaches.

German cockroaches are small roaches and the species you are most likely to discover in your Utah kitchen. We identify them by their light brown body and two horizontal black stripes behind their head. These roaches move very quickly using their six legs.

Are cockroaches dangerous?

Cockroaches pose many health problems and should never be a pest we share our homes with. Some of their biggest health risks include:

  • Allergies and asthma attacks that are triggered by allergens found in their excrement and shed skins. 
  • Cockroaches carry and spread parasites.
  • On their bodies, cockroaches carry and transmit bacteria and other disease-causing pathogens. 
  • They contaminate food, utensils, dishes, toothbrushes, and like items stored within our homes.

In addition to health risks, cockroaches are problematic because they stain surfaces with their excrement, chew holes in fabrics, clothing, and upholstered furniture, and make us uncomfortable in our own homes.

Why do I have a cockroach problem?

German cockroaches often move from place to place with the help of people. They primarily live indoors and we unintentionally transport them into new spaces in boxes, bags, and secondhand items like furniture and electronics.

Oriental cockroaches are drawn to places that offer them a source of water. Their high moisture needs mean they tend to gather around drains, sewers, piles of garbage, and wet, damp areas in gardens. They often move inside our homes after being attracted by either food odors or sources of moisture.

Where will I find cockroaches?

Cockroaches like to hide in dark, damp spaces, and when it comes to cockroaches the smaller the space the better!

In our homes, kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms, and laundry rooms provide cockroaches with suitable living conditions. Some of their favorite hiding spots include:

  • The backs of drawers or cabinets
  • Behind cabinets and large appliances
  • Within areas of clutter
  • Upholstered furniture
  • Cracks in walls or floors
  • Behind wooden trim or baseboards

How do I get rid of cockroaches?

Don’t try to tackle a cockroach infestation on your own. Trust the professionals at Mountain West Pest Control to rid your Ogden home of cockroaches. We are dedicated to using kid and pet safe products, and our services always come with a full warranty/guarantee. If cockroaches return between service visits, we will return to retreat at no charge to you.

Have the peace of mind to know that your cockroach problems will be completely solved when you partner with us. We pride ourselves on offering effective premium cockroach control services backed by our top-notch customer service. To learn more about getting rid of cockroaches through our residential or commercial pest control offering, please give us a call today!

How can I prevent cockroaches in the future?

  • Seal any gaps or cracks in the foundation and exterior walls of your home or business
  • Make sure that weather stripping is placed around all exterior windows and doors
  • Install door sweeps on all your exterior doors
  • Replace any ripped or torn door or window screens
  • Fix leaky pipes, fixtures, and drains to help prevent moisture build-up
  • Use dehumidifiers to reduce the humidity levels in your home
  • Ensure that all your outdoor trash cans are sealed with locking lids
  • Keep all the food in your home or business inside airtight containers or in the refrigerator
  • Inspect packages, boxes, appliances, and furniture items for cockroaches before bringing them inside

For more information about our commercial and residential cockroach control options, give us a call today!